Job Title

Wyatt was born and raised here in Hastings. He is close to his family, parents Rick and Stacey, and siblings Ashley and Jerrod. After graduating from Hastings High School Wyatt earned his degree in Automotive Technology from Central Community College. He started working on his own vehicles when he was 15 years old and has now been working as a technician professionally for 2 years. When Wyatt is not at work his hobbies include disc golf, bowling and gaming. You might also find him enjoying a cold beer while he hanging out with his family and friends.

Favorite Quote: "If you're not learning something new everyday, you're doing something wrong"

Favorite Vehicle: 1968 Mercury Cyclone is his absolute dream car

Fun Fact

His father owns and operates an auto upholstery shop that Wyatt hopes to someday take over and run.

Wyatt can also speak a little bit of German.