Job Title

Mike was born and raised in Nebraska. He moved to Hastings from Chappell in August 2016 with his fiancée Hannah. Mike and Hannah have a son, Manuel, who was born in March 2017.  Mike graduated from Northwest Kansas Institute of Diesel Technology in 2013 and has been working on diesel and gas engines ever since.  When Mike is not at work, he enjoys listening to music, spending time with his fiancée, and working on his own vehicles.

Favorite Quotes: "If it breaks, build it bigger" and "Do or Do Not, there is no such thing as try"

Favorite Vehicle: His big Red Chevy Duramax... because it's his!

Fun Fact

In 2013 Mike used his Chevy Duramax to enter his first sled pull at the Cheyenne County Fair. A video of his pull is on YouTube - Michael (Bean) Duramax.